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Hi? I know you are asking yourself, “what the hell have I got to do with this crazy fellow’s story?” Well, you’ve got nothing to do with it. But you also are going to find it true that this guy has a freedom to pour out his broken heart, wait, no, his molten heart. It broke a long time ago and as if breaking wasn’t bad enough, this cruel entity we all call life took the pieces and tossed them in a rusted pan. It then placed the pan on a one million degrees hot fire and the small pieces became a rum-like liquid which even if placed under the coldest temperatures, it would never solidify. And even if it solidified, I am absolutely certain that it wouldn’t be a heart anymore. You know, the broken pieces would have been sewn together, but now…

Alright, that might be too much for someone as crazy as I am to write. But writing is what keeps me holding onto that liquefied heart. So I know you will bear with me. And if you won’t, well, I told you about my heart. Forgive me, ’cause I wanted to write this in the sweetest tone I could muster but it is already public now.

Imagine this; 

A little bug, probably a small termite decides that she won’t follow her community’s trail while they go to look for food. This little termite believes that the path she wants to follow will lead her to a land of plenitude; where she will eat to her fullest and lie down on top of food, such that any time she wakes up, in the middle of her nap, she will turn, take a bite and then go back to sleep. She is extremely hopeful and that picture in her mind makes her very stubborn when her fellow termites, who are older and experienced- and have gone to the school of life- tell her that she is making a mistake. She walks with zeal, far away from the ways of her family and society. She goes to a far, far land. In her mind, she keeps telling herself, “why should I follow my family’s so boring adventure?” 

This termite is crazy because in the land which she thinks she will find a lot of food, she will definitely find other bugs controlling it. I am already sympathizing with our little termite here. I can’t imagine how disappointed she will be when she finds out about this truth. No, it is a lie that she forced herself to believe. It’s crazy, isn’t it?

Now, I am a young guy, only starting writing. And several of my works are out here for sale. But a few days ago, someone asked me:

“How much have you made so far?” I am a truthful man so I answered in truth, “10dollars.” “How long has it been,” he asked. And I told him it has been one year and a few days. He only looked at me, shook his head and told me to listen to myself; that if I wanted writing to be my bread winner, something was not right. Still, I am stubborn, and I don’t think I will stop writing. The worst thing about me is that I also don’t want to do anything else! It is crazy, just like it is for the young unwise termite. And more crazy is it that I don’t want to listen.

But in my passion I shall dwell,

No matter how loud people yell,

‘Cause in there is fulfillment,

Even without endowment,

Won’t expect anyone’s support,

As my path is different.

Now the problem is that, no matter how strong my zeal is, a voice so soft and pleading and seemingly so far away, tells me that the termite and I have no difference. I shall say no more. Thank you for bearing with me.


Julius Thie.

P.S   A little more information about me wouldn’t be that bad now, would it? A long time ago, I thought that getting what I wanted was easy; a piece of pie. And so, I sat and waited, and mostly, what I wanted came to me. But when I started wanting writing, things started going south. That’s when a realization hit me; oh let’s call it a discovery (perhaps one that is worth a patent):

That you will EASILY GET WHAT YOU WANT if you want that which the society wants you to want!! And the opposite is true. But you probably know this already!

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Julius Thies is a young Kenyan Author. He tells his very fascinating story.

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