The Tragic Reunion

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When Gladys sees Jackson Thigare’s Photo on the newspaper, she goes dull even though she thought she didn’t love him anymore. Her friends demand to know who Jack was and that takes Gladys more than twelve years back. She was in love. Madly in love with Jack. She remembers how she met him for the first time. She remembers who Jack was and what his history was like. She remembers how she watched him come down the river and how after they met, the river became a part of their bond. She knew that Jack wanted to be a lawyer and as much as she had heard, he had achieved his dreams. But on the newspaper, they called him an Undercover Cop. They said that he had been shot dead by criminals he had been investigating. They said that for purposes of investigations, the body was being kept in a secure morgue. But Gladys had a feeling that her Jack was alive. Yes he might be alive, but would he live long enough for Gladys to manage to find him? Will he wait for Gladys’ apology?

Back then when the two of them were dating, Gladys had loved him so bad that when she saw him with her only friend Njeri, she felt so heartbroken. Gladys remembered how Jack had made her feel after making things clear to her. He wasn’t in love with Njeri. He loved Gladys only. Jack had changed Gladys completely. She had been naughty, she started being nice. She had been a poor performer, she started performing well.

And there was that day that changed her whole life. There was that mistake that she did and she wanted to take responsibility. But she didn’t know that it would make Jack hate her forever, well, that is what she thought.

Jack had never gotten over Gladys, even after twelve years. When he was shot, it was because he had made a blunder. He had seen Gladys earlier at the airport and that had triggered so many memories, bad and good. He had been reckless, and he had been caught. But Njeri was always by his side. Njeri saved him and he was always going to be thankful to her. Njeri wanted him to get over Gladys, but the bond the teens shared was hard to break even after living apart for so many years.


Find out how these teen lovebirds reunite in The Tragic Reunion.

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