The Taste of Water

When I first tasted his lips, I got confused,

When he drew me closer, and I smelled him,

When everything was about him, the confusion intensified,

At one point I was hoping,

That he would be tasting very sweet,

And that the scent of his body,

Would be full of flowery fragrance,

And at that point for sure,

I prayed day and night, hoped every hour,

That when we meet again, he would kiss me,

But when he did kiss me,

What I thought would be the taste,

Became something completely different,

And I wasn’t sure I wanted him anymore,

It was like wanting a gentlemanly husband,

But instead marrying a drunkard.


Still in the so intense confusion,

I wanted to know, what that taste was,

And then I did my research,

Tasted everything worth tasting,

And yet I found no answer,

But then I wanted to taste him again,

And when I did, I wanted more of the taste,

And like a flash of lightning,

The answer crossed my mind,

That’s when I realized, he tasted like water,

And his scent, still like water,

He wasn’t bitter, he wasn’t sweet,

But upon tasting him, I craved more,

It was like marrying the drunkard,

And loving him more than you would the gentleman,

Because his taste was like the taste of water.