The Kendrey Island Part 2

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After Jared gets the medicine he needs to treat his paralyzed father, he goes back to the castle. His hopes are up, now that he has heard that there are other people who live out there. He is even excited after hearing that in Medmam, people have a lot of freedom. He starts looking for answers. If there is a way in there must be a way out. That is when he meets Jenny. He realizes that Jenny comes from a family that he did not know about, but one that had been controlling the island for generations.

Jenny’s family knows that Jared is not happy with the way his family rules and they have plans for him. What plan are they putting into place? Is this plan for the betterment of the island? Will they convince Jared to join them? Or is he so carried away by his attempts to run away that he gets disqualified as the best candidate?

Magret’s grandmother dies. She had hated Magret for all her life and she had constantly blamed her for what had happened to them. But as she dies, she asked Magret to forgive her, and instead of having the Kenekira Jade buried with her body, she gives it to Magret for safekeeping.


As Magret and her family go to collect items at the sea shore, Magret’s auntie finds a crystal. It is buried not so deeply in the sand but they can’t pull it out. Magret’s small cousin goes back to dig the crystal out after the rest had given up. The crystal had magical powers; it was the crystal that could take someone out of the Kendrey Island.

BUY THIS BOOK FROM:             HotEnton Arts Or    Amazon($3.49) Or    Smashwords(3.49)