The Kendrey Island Part 1

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Magret swims as fast as she can as she is running away from the pirates who killed her husband. They had just married and they were on the first day of their honeymoon when they were captured and her husband, in his attempts to fight, got shot. Magret had no idea that the incident was a life-changer for her. She did not know that it was the beginning of a whole new life that had been a part of her for as long as she had lived. Her mother, before she died had tried to explain to her that she did not belong in Medmam- the country that Magret had called home for twenty six years.

When she gets tired, she wishes she were dead. Instead, she is carried by a dolphin to the shores of an island that no one knows exists except for the people that live there. She is carried up a tall cliff by the tides that are so enormous they shake the whole island. Destiny is having its say in Magret’s life.

Andrew, the father to Magret has been praying that one day his beloved and his daughter would reappear. The story of how Magret’s family was casted out after everyone knew that Magret’s mother had a baby was known to everyone in the island. How Andrew ran away from the castle after the humiliation of his beloved’s family… And then Magret is brought to him and he realizes that the morning after he saves her.

Jared Lambdrey is a Prince in this island. He doesn’t agree to the way his family rules. He wishes to run away from the island but so far he has not succeeded. He is the General of the Navy and even with so much freedom at the sea; he has never found a way out of the island. So when he goes to look for Andrew after his father falls sick, will his hopes go up again? Does he know who Magret is? And can she help him escape? Will he remain the same Jared who hated women with all his heart?


Will Magret get answers to all the questions she have? Will she ever know that this island had always been her home? Will she know that the person who saved her from dying, the person who she has lived with since she landed in this island, is actually her father?

BUY THIS BOOK FROM:             HotEnton Arts Or    Amazon($2.99) Or    Smashwords(2.99)