Stone Under Fire

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Kanama is conceived as a mad man by the whole village, but he has a beast that he struggles with- his inner self that he has to come into terms with. A new priest comes into the village, he is brought in by the village chief. When he starts conducting summons at the Village hall, murders start occurring. Most of the village alders attribute this to the curse they have had for the last so many years; the curse that sees evil spirits coming for the elders’ children every nineteen years. But the pries has a different opinion.

The people believe the priest and when he says that Kanama is the murderer, the village has to go by that. Kanama is to be executed and Siala, a wild cat in form of a human being sees it. Kanama has vowed to free his village from these fears. Whether he will make or not, you can find it on the book Stone Under Fire by Julius Thie.


And where did Kanama get this beast? Who is the green thin woman that Kanama struggles a lot with? What about Siala- Who is she and why does she have to be in Kanama’s life?

BUY THIS BOOK FROM:             HotEnton Arts Or    Amazon($2.99) Or    Smashwords(2.99)