A Long Time’s Love Realization

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Katerina and her brother, Jimmy, love each other so much. They have a family restaurant which is run by Jimmy, not because he is the oldest, but because Katerina doesn’t want to be fully dependent on the family business. They live in the luxurious estates of Karen and in their restaurant; Katerina meets Danneyson Mugama Kenko, a Kenyan multibillionaire and the owner of Danvill Logistics. She sees how he looks at her as she walks past him, talks to her brother for a while and then leaves. What she is scared of mostly, is the image she has given to the person she was supposed to see the next day for a business deal. Katerina works as a personal assistant to Mr. Johnson Kamande, the CEO and owner of BatKenya Breweries. She was supposed to offer a business proposal to Danneyson but she was scared she had already spoilt the image of the business.

When she meets him in the office the next day, she develops a kind of hatred for the arrogant Danney which is sparked by what she felt towards him. She wasn’t going to be angry at him for long, especially after he accepted the deal and started to invest in their company. It finally becomes a romantic relationship which Katerina knows would end soon. She felt she loved him but was scared that she might be badly hurt when he leaves her. So she tries to keep it safe. But there is nothing like safe with Danney. He is always close.

Every time Danney looks at Katerina and Jimmy hug each other lovingly, a memory he holds to heart comes to live and he loses all concentration. It takes Katerina two instances to notice that something is wrong with Danneyson.


But will Danneyson be ready to open up to Katerina, after living with that secret for more than twenty years? Will she win his love?

BUY THIS BOOK FROM HotEnton Arts Or Amazon($2.99)