It Was All Lies


It was all lies,

She did not exactly lie to me,

Because she kept things clear between us,

She said she only loved herself,

And that no one would ever come before her own heart,

It was all lies,

I was only lying to myself.

Every time I looked into her eyes,

And saw the twinkle as she talked excitedly,

I would only tell myself,

“Look, she thinks she doesn’t love me”

And I would keep hoping,

That one day she would realize that,

All she had for me was true affection.

I misinterpreted her words.

I never knew that she always meant it when she said,

That she only loved herself,

I kept hoping, kept praying,

Praying that one day she would be mine.

Too late was it when I realized,

That I was only lying to myself,

She would never love me, she never even thought of me when she went home.

She only thought of herself,

And I was a fool to lie to myself so strongly that I never saw the real truth,

It was all lies.

Whenever I asked her out and she didn’t say no,

Whenever I held her hand and she never resisted,

Whenever I pulled her close and she cuddled herself against my body,

Whenever I took her hand and kissed it,

It gave me hope that one day she would know,

That she did love me after all,

But she knew herself so perfectly,

She knew that even with all the things we did together,

She was only in love with herself,

I couldn’t see it even one bit,

That she was wiser than she looked, more intelligent than I thought.

And then came this awful day,

When I realized that it was all lies.