Games of Fate 2

The streetlights just hit green,

As she was approaching,

And she got quite angry,

Because she was in a hurry,

She couldn’t face her new boss,

First day lateness, damn!

Why are there these streets in town!

She didn’t know that it was a miracle,

She was so lucky,

Though she hated being lucky.

Love is full of little wonders,

Things that bring fate closer,

Crossroads was her wonder,

Love at the crossroads,

Fate coming from the crossroads.


A red car drew closer and the passenger door was opened,

The driver smiled at her,

And, man! She felt her heart skip some few beats,

She couldn’t help but wonder why.

She found herself in a car that she didn’t know the owner,

The conversation that flowed by,

Was nothing out of her concern,

She found herself in her new workplace,

That driver was her new boss,

She had fallen in love with her boss at the crossroads.


See love is so beautiful,

When you’re in love you are happy,

But there is no need to rush,

Because fate will come by itself,

And, hey, you never know,

You might fall in love at crossroads.