Games of Fate 1

A cricket produced its usual sound,

It was a little disturbing to the mind,

But he didn’t care

Nor did he flinch,

As the chilling cold of the twilight,

Tore through his flesh,brain and might,

Oh, when he thought about his might,

He smiled broadly because he knew,

She took it away like sun takes away dew,

He watched her in the little evening light,

Wanting her with an urge he couldn’t fight,

Still, he wouldn’t dare,

Getting close an inch,

Because every time he tried,

He couldn’t help being afraid,

She would say no like the others did.


She knew he was watching her,

Forever happy that he was standing there,

Admiring her,

Wanting her,

And every time she felt his sharp scrutinizing eyes,

Traveling the length of her silhouette,

She felt her blood racing fast, temperatures rising,

Though she knew he didn’t see enough,

Every evening she came to sit by the rock,

Sometimes she bent over it for a minute or two,

Tempting him,

And loving it,

Because she also felt a liking for him,

An attraction she wanted to enjoy everyday,

But rules forbid her from making first move.


He thought as much as she did,

That fate would bring them together,

They both believed without doubt,

That together,

They would make life,

This evening, however, was the last,

For as he watched her with admiration,

With her back to him, her behind on the rock,

Her father came and held her hand,

And joined it with another man’s hand,

Without consent she had to follow,

A father’s wish,

Always won,

She wanted to spend her life with him,

He wanted to marry, love and cherish her,

But fate played games on them,

Games they would always hate to remember.