I can recall that day very clearly. I can even retell the events one after another, and in the manner they happened. But I might not be in a position to write everything. I am not in jail, neither am I free. Memories of those crazy days surround me like the so tall walls found in jails. The day I remember is the day I met him first and it was the very day I saw him last. On that day, when the Vice Chancellor was addressing the students, the four of us came across him and we didn’t know that it would be the day our lives would turn around. We were in our third year in college and if I say we had not had fun, I would be lying. Still, that which we called fun is not fun to me anymore. And now as I recall those college days, I regret ever meeting my three friends. I was the shortest and they called me Jele. The others were Dele, Aele and Sele. I don’t remember clearly how we came up with those names but I know that the first letter in those names represented our first real names.

However, what I am clear about, and what haunts me more than anything, is that first meal that changed our lives for two years before we met him. That day, the four of us were sitting around a fireplace that we had created at a clearing inside the forest that surrounded the greatest part of our school. I had just completed my last roll of marijuana and I was feeling awesome. I felt like I could do anything in this world. I was hysterical for a while and then, strangely, I had an awkward feeling of being turned on. We called it ‘being horny’. I felt like I could jump on any woman and fuck her endlessly, mercilessly. I told my friends about it and my statement must have had an effect on them because Sele took out his phone, browsed the video folder and opened a pornographic video. We all crowded around him to watch. My penis had never been harder.

And then I saw a young girl. She must have been sixteen or so because everything about her was prime. The shyness in her eyes as she listened to the voices the pornographic video was producing, the hair, not so neatly combed but still making her look beautiful. Her breasts which stood on her chest like two small hills with sharp but soft peaks made her look divinely exquisite. I could tell she was wearing no bra. I knew I wasn’t hallucinating when I said hello and she answered it. My friends saw her then, and before we even gathered why she was alone and in such a place and in such a forest, Dele who was the tallest among us, jumped on her, held her mouth, tore her dress and within a minute, he was inside, fucking her so hard. It was raping. We knew it was raping. But it was thrilling. After Dele, Aele followed, then Sele and finally me. We raped her in turns until I noticed that she wasn’t alive anymore. That is when the realization caught each one of us. We had committed felonies. Two of the most serious crimes with severe punishments. We were scared at first and we wanted to run away. But Sele said we just needed to dispose off the evidence. The fire was still burning and when we saw the furnace, we laughed like lunatics. With the knives that we always carried when we came to this forest, we cut the girl’s body into small pieces and threw them into the fire. We watched as her flesh burned, as it cooked. In a way, I couldn’t resist the urge to taste the so mouthwatering pieces of meat. And when Aele suggested that we shouldn’t let good meat go to waste, I was the first one to reach out for a piece. Within no time, only the bones were in the fire. The shocking thing was that we never regretted having eaten human flesh. In fact, we felt that we needed to eat such soft and sweet meat again. Before, I thought that a chicken meat, or a rabbit’s was the softest and the sweetest but now I knew better.

My friends agreed with me that we should look for a chance to roast another person soon. And for the next two years we ate all kinds of human meat. We ate kids, young girls and boys, middle aged women and old men and women. The only meat we had not tasted was that of a middle aged man. Every time we thought of hunting for one, a strange feeling of fear overcame all of us. But we had come to know that we were growing stronger, and wiser, every time we ate someone. Although I was the shortest, I could tackle a man of Dele’s size alone. We had also decided that to be on the safe side, we would be looking for those who seemed stranded. The confused ones would be easy prey and there would be no huge fuss about their going missing. Still, I felt that we were extremely lucky, having killed and eaten human beings for two years without being caught. Every time I went home, I felt guilty for what I had been doing in school. My mother trusted me so much and was proud to have taken her firstborn son to the University. I felt indebted to her for all she was doing for me. Yet the urge to eat some meat, human meat, always outgrew that feeling of indebtedness. And every time I was at home, I would wish that days would fly by fast, so I could go back to school. There was nothing that was interesting at home. My holidays were forever long and I always kept to myself. My friends were no exception. They were also going through similar torture during holidays.

And now came this day. The day when the freshmen were being welcomed and the vice Chancellor was addressing students from all the schools that made the university, in the huge university grounds. Me and my friends had gone for two weeks without meat. We were starving, craving for good soft human meat; we were growing impatient. However, we knew that this day would not be so lucky because although most freshmen were confused, they were all in the university grounds. We thought it would be better to wait for the following day so we could go for hunting.

And then we spotted him. He fitted properly our description of easy prey. When we saw him, he was at a crossroads along the way to the university grounds. He did not know which path he should take. He could hear the voices coming from the grounds but he didn’t know which path would lead someone there. He did not know that both paths ended in the university grounds, and he looked too scared to ask for assistance. We were still watching him from a distance when two known gangsters approached him, asked for his phone as if they were in trouble and needed to talk to someone, and the fool gave it to them. After they had the phone in their hands, one of them gave him a blow that sent him to the ground and ┬áthen they ran away. I found a chance to lure the vulnerable prey into our trap, and I took it. I rushed and helped him up and as he stood, he thanked me sincerely. I didn’t need his thanks, I needed his meat. I did not waste any moment. I told him about the bandits and how crazy they were. I told him that it will be alright and that he’ll get used to the school. I reminded him that he was wise, and that soon enough he will be able to know criminals when he saw them. Of course at that point, he didn’t know whether or not I was a criminal. I was actually the biggest of all criminals.

He must have sensed that I was also a criminal because he said a hurried thank you and sorry for disturbing me then hastily took one path and disappeared in a minute. My friends joined me and Sele was raging with anger. How could I let a prey go? Aele and Dele were a little considerate but they were angry too. Their anger was justified, they had been hungry for human meat for two good weeks. I assured them that I would not lose the prey at any cost. He didn’t have friends and he was walking around the school in utter confusion. We followed the same path and saw him a few meters ahead as soon as we went around the first corner. He was walking slowly, his head low like a frustrated bird. I almost pitied him. Someone passed him by and tried to strike a conversation with him, but he was too disappointed to even open his mouth. We kept following at a distance.

As it was approaching evening, the fool had not noticed we were following him, and he had entered our forest. He was still walking slowly, his body shouting frustration, close to the area where we conducted our ‘sacrifices’. He didn’t seem to notice that he was treading dangerous paths. At that point, we decided to get out in the open. We surrounded him. When he saw us, he must have become extremely scared because he held his arms together and his body shivered like a rained-on chicken. Dele, who was our giant jumped on him, exposing the unexpected to us. Dele had never missed before but when he jumped on this young man, he missed terribly. As a matter of fact, the guy had ducked so artfully and given Dele an unexpected blow that sent him a few inches away. We knew we had to join the fight and, together, Sele, Aele, and I pounced on him at the same time. This time I was the unlucky one. The young man bent forward, passed through the space between me and Aele and held my neck from behind. I was choking and my friends were shocked. The man was extraordinarily strong and we wondered where he had come from. The wet chicken had changed into an eagle and it was making its presence felt. What shocked us more was that he knew us by our full names and our nicknames. He called us by our names, one after the other and said he knew what we had been doing and that this day was our unlucky final-day. The fight that ensued as we tried our best to fight against a person who claimed to know everything about us, without success, was heated. Either of us had broken a body part by the time he produced two handcuffs and cuffed us.

“I am Detective Harrison and the four of you are under arrest for rape, murder and cannibalism.”

Those were the last words I heard before I blacked out and my life had changed by the time I woke up three months later. By then, I didn’t even remember my name and I didn’t remember anything at all for another three years. Even my mother was a stranger to me. I wasn’t in a prison though; I was in a Catholic homestead, a part of a certain cathedral I guess. I have served here for the last three years and probably will, for the rest of my life. At the time of writing this, they have just injected me with a strange liquid, and all my past life has flowed into my mind like a hurricane. However, I am a completely changed man.