And That goes it

We were young, we didn’t know much ,

We wanted to rise and become so famous,

We were told but we never listened to elders,

Our hearts craved money, leaving our souls in distress,

And we got abandoned, so we could learn by our own,

In the darkest of the times ,

Where nothing else roams but evil,

At the time we were exhausted to move on,

A small red light appeared,

And gave us not just hope, but an understanding,

That there was still hope as long as we were alive,

And that goes it.


We learnt so much along our journey,

Our souls left our bodies and fled,

Leaving us with a crazy dream,

That only our hearts held,

The dream was so crazy we felt it wasn’t a dream at all,

But then we came together,

We held hands and worked,

And we made our dream a reality. And another dream came up. We had to look for our souls.

And that goes it.